3 Easy changes to avoid plastic

Hey there! Are you ready for new tips to avoid single use plastics? Here are 3 easy ways to reduce your plastic consumption with no big compromise.


  1. Switch to hard soap

Have you noticed the number of plastic bottles lined up on the side of your bathtub or in your shower? Shower gels, shampoos, conditioners, shaving cream, face wash, etc. How long will these last you? 1 week, 1 month at best? Do you realize how long the plastic bottles that carry your products will stick around? If you recycle them, some will be transformed but not without leaving a carbon footprint for the transportation to the recycling facility and the use of energy to melt and make something new of it. Some are just not recyclable so they will stick around for the next 500 years. There is an easy way to avoid all this plastic mess! Thankfully, there are numerous hard soap options that can be amazing alternatives to plastic containers. From the larger companies like Lush Cosmetics, which I support for all their ecofriendly initiatives and efforts, to finding the most natural ingredients and heavenly smells at a local business on Etsy, the are plenty options to meet everyone’s needs.

Ecofriendly handmade soap


  1. Time to say goodbye to your plastic toothbrush

How often do you buy a new toothbrush? Every month, every 3 months, every 6 months? Now put this in perspective and multiply by how old you are. So how many toothbrushes have you disposed over the course of your life? 75, 100, 300?! Yep, that’s a reality we must face. Small plastics are rarely recycled, and most toothbrushes end up buried in landfills creating a monstrous amount of plastic. There is an alternative and it’s been offered on the market for the last few years. The Bamboo toothbrush will provide you the same great cleaning but make a significant impact because bamboo will biodegrade and disappear. It is not a perfect solution because of the bristles are still made of plastic but you can remove them before composting your toothbrush handle. It is a better alternative than the regular toothbrush. Remember, baby steps to creating less plastics and together, it makes a world of a difference.

Bamboo toothbrush

  1. No more bath puff or bath sponge

Do you use a bath puff or bath sponge? If you are using liquid soap or shower gel, the answer to that question is most likely yes. Do you know what happens to your old bath sponge when you throw it out? Animals end up picking them up thinking it’s food or birds try to use them to create their nest. The big problem here is plastic is not edible, so the animals will either die from indigestion or the birds can get caught in the mesh net. If you make the switch to hard soap, you won’t need a bath sponge. It’s as easy as that as you can latter the soap directly onto your skin. However, if you really like using a sponge, there is the Luffa alternative which provides a natural solution and is fully biodegradable. Luffa sponges come from the Luffa plant and it can be homegrown for those who want to try it out, but you can also get them from natural stores. It is an easy adjustment to make and another small gesture to a plastic free future!

 Luffa plant

Do you plan on following these ecofriendly tips and reducing your plastic consumption?  Please share your comments !

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