Bye bye regular mail! Put your mailbox to rest!

Do you want to make a change for the planet but don't know where to start ?

There are plenty of ways to start making a difference with little to no effort on your end. As most of us, you must have a physical mailbox. Although the days of writing letters are (mostly) over, we keep receiving different communications through the regular mail and it creates a large volume of waste which will most likely end up in the trash.

Put your mailbox to rest and say bye to flyers, paper invoices and magazines

Here are 3 simple ways to contribute to reducing waste by simply refusing, changing habits and thinking differently:

1. Refuse publicity and sollicitations in your mailbox. This one is such an easy one to achieve! Do you ever really need and use all these flyers, brochures and catalogs you receive? Most are not even read and thrown in the trash. Simply place a note in the door of your mailbox that indicates : 'No flyers, no sollicitation'

2. Move on to electronic invoices. Another easy step to reduce paper waste (and trees being cut because let's face it, that flyer was once a tree!) Most companies now offer to send you an electronic invoice by email. You can then move the email to a folder for invoices in order to be able to retrieve it easily. Not only are you preventing trees from being cut but you will also save yourself a whole lot of space at home with this online storage method.

3. Finally, if you subscribe to a magazine or newsletter, choose the online version instead of the printed copy. Not only will you have access to it before, you will also enjoy links to special sections and privileges. Plus you get to easily share with your friends anything that sparks interest! 

4. Bonus - If you still end up receiving some flyers, invoices or other documents by mail, please remember to recycle!!!

See, I told you that embracing the eco-friendly path was easy! Thumbs up to you!

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