Eco Friendly Shipping

Eco Friendly Shipping

At Atessa Boutique, we want to constantly review our processes to improve our sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint.

In an effort to preserve our planet's resources, we will be shipping our products with the least amount of packaging possible. 

Here are our new eco friendly shipping guidelines:

  1. We promise a minimal packaging, free of unnecessary paper waste.

  2. Instructions will not be printed anymore. You can find instructions and care for our products in the FAQ of our store or under each product.

  3. We ship in 100% recycled carboard enveloppes or boxes. We encourage our clients to reuse and recycle the packaging in which you receive your product.

  4. We are pleased to offer a reusable gift wrapping solution at checkout. You can now request a furoshiki wrap for your product.

  5. We promise no plastic will be involved in the packing and shipping of your purchase. We happily use paper tape.

We pack our products with care but we care for our planet too!


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