Homemade Garlic Flower Pistachio Pesto (in reused Mason Jars!)

Today, in a fight to reduce food waste, I wanted to share with you my homemade Garlic Flower Pistachio Pesto. This recipe is perfect for using all those garlic flowers that are not crunchy anymore but still very tasty. It is also a very delicious twist of a regular pesto. An easy way to store this pesto is to use small mason jars from your grocery shopping (A lot of sauces, vegetables such as sundried tomatoes, olives, artichokes come in little mason jars. You can even use baby food glass containers!)



- a handful of garlic flowers (about 12 branches)

- a cup of fresh basil 

- 1 cup of pistachio (remove the shells!)

- 1 cup and a half of Parmesan cheese (Parmigiano-Reggiano)

- 2 pinch of salt

- 1 cup of olive oil


Easy method

1. Put the garlic flower and fresh basil in the culinary robot/mixer.

2. Once shredded, add the pistachios and the Parmesan cheese. Mix again.

3. Add half of the olive oil to the mixer. Mix and add the second half cup of olive oil then mix again. The oil should cover flush the mixture.

4. Add a pinch and mix. Add a second pinch of salt for a stronger taste.

5. Store into your mason jars and refrigerate or fill 2/3 mason jar and freeze. (Always leave enough space to expand in the freezer)

* If you like a more spiked taste, you can add a garlic clove to step 1.


Whenever you don't know what to cook, just use your garlic flower pistachio pesto on the pasta of your choice!!

Homemade Garlic Flower Pistachio Pesto



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