First steps to being eco-friendly

Here are a few easy tips to begin your eco-friendly adventure:

  1. Bring your reusable bags to the grocery store

This one should be a given in 2018. So many countries have already initiated plastic bans, yet some of us refuse to change our (bad) habits. I was talking with a good friend of mine last time and she said to me: “I always forget them at home or I forget them in the car.” I took a chill pill and thought that one out. How do I avoid this situation? Personally, I make sure I always have many reusable bags in my car so that even if I use some of the bags for groceries, I still have 1 or 2 extra in case I forget to bring them back in the car. About the forgetting the reusable bags in the car, I have found a solution which is quite simple. If I get to the cash register and realize I forgot my bags in the car, I just put the items back in the trolley and when I get to the car, I put my groceries away in the reusable bag. It is annoying but it will work and you will not forget your reusable bag the next time!

Grocery net Plastic Free July


  1. Bring your thermos bottle everywhere

Having your thermos bottle handy will prevent you from using the usual disposable cups and plastic bottles. In 2018, most shopping centers, malls, public areas and activity grounds are equipped with drinking water fountains making it easy to refill on your water. When arriving at your coffee shop, most places will accept to serve your beverage right into your thermos bottle, if it is clean.

Thermos bottle


  1. Refuse straws or bring your stainless steel straw

This one is easy, yet you will find it challenging at times. The reason it can become challenging is that some frozen drinks are not meant to be consumed without a straw. Take it from me as I experienced this just last week. I ordered my Matcha Frappé in my thermos bottle and struggled to drink it until it warmed up a bit and melted. I could’ve avoided this unfortunate situation if I had my stainless steel straw handy. It’s been in my purse ever since! The other challenge I have with the no straw rule is that often, the coffee shops, restaurants or other businesses don’t honor my request. I say ‘no straw please’ and they add one anyways. Like an ugly decoration that’s going to stick around for 500 years! It is a real challenge because when you try to return it, they just throw it out. Anyways, thankfully, this is only a handful of businesses and hopefully, straws will also be banned by countries.

This is my daily dose of tips for your eco-friendly lifestyle. Stay tuned as I will be posting more tips on how to reduce your plastic consumption in my next article. #choosetorefuse 


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