Reduce : a first step to zero waste!

Reduce waste
Beginning a zero waste journey is very easy and above all, you don't have to buy new items to make the first steps towards zero waste.

The first step can be as simple as reducing consumption of resources. Reducing consumption makes it possible to eliminate waste and preserve our resources. Here are some tips to help you:

* Reducing the quantities of groceries to just what you need to avoid food waste. In 2017, the average Canadian family wasted 140 kilos of food.

* Reducing commuting by car when possible by choosing to walk, use you bicycle or public transport in order to reduce pollution.

* Reduce your shower by a minute or two to avoid wasting water, an abundant resource in Canada which is scarce in some parts of the world.

Thanks to your little gestures, you'll reduce wasting resources and even save some money! Part of the zero waste lifestyle is adding a little minimalism to you life. A topic which I will share with you soon!

What are your first zero waste switches or what are you planning to avoid ?

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