Waste me not

We all want to avoid wasting food but don't necessarily abide to it. We all have our reasons for not wanting to waste food. Whether it's because it's expensive to buy food you don't consume or because we are aware that some of us don't have enough resources to buy food or live in areas where food is scarce.


Here are a few hacks to avoid throwing away food:

Pick the meals you will cook for the week, make a list of the items to make each meal and stick to your list once at the grocery store.

A lot people randomly shop for groceries without a plan. This causes a poor evaluation of the actual needs and you will buy some items that will go bad before being consumed. You will overbuy and it will cost you extra money for groceries that were unnecessary in the first place. 

Store wisely your groceries

Some groceries are best in the fridge, some are best on the counter, some should be stored in a dry spot. Follow the indications on the package and try to store your food in non plastic containers such as mason jars or silicone bags and beeswax wrap to wrap your cheeses and vegetables. This will make your items last longer and stay fresher.

Mason Jars

Freeze the extra meals instead of storing them in the fridge

It's happened to me and I'm sure it's happened to you. You make a meal for 8 portions, four of which are consumed that night and four that your refrigerate thinking your family will be eating them during the week. Before you know it, you open a container with last week's meal. Freezing is a food revolution our ancestors wish they had back then. Instead of refrigerating the leftovers, freeze half to prevent wasting and reheat later when you actually need it.

Blueberries are not to be wasted

Hide away the ugly fruits and veggies

This one is a must and so simple to do. When you see that pepper is getting less crunchy or that the carrots are a little bendable, don't throw them out. They can become an incredible sauce just by chopping them, cooking them in a bit of olive oil and in the mixer they go to become this vitamin packed sauce. Here, I have some blueberries that are less pretty but still very tasty. I can transform them in smoothie, glazed them to make a blueberry pie or freeze them to eat them like popcorn on a very hot day. 


And remember, if you really must throw out food, please place it in the compost bin and not in the garbage! 


Do you have any hacks to avoid throwing food? Please share them



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