About Atessa Boutique

Over time, people have constantly repeated to me how we needed to save our planet and that we had to take action before it was too late. However, the years have passed without real change and we cannot further postpone. We must act now.

 For a greener planet

Most of the time, plastic items don't get recycled and end up getting thrown out after one single use. They litter our beaches and choke our oceans. We are drowning in a sea of plastic and society has thought us that fast consumption is ok. It is not ok because the trash we create does not suddenly disappear. It remains accumulating in places you are not aware of.

To reverse this unhealthy cycle, we must each do our part. Atessa Boutique can help you take a part in making our planet greener by:  

- Providing eco-friendly solutions to replace plastic products; 

- Taking eco-friendly simple steps to make a difference by reducing plastic waste; 

- Increasing ecological awareness and motivating others to changing behaviours that are harmful to our planet; 

- Reducing food waste and unnecessary purchases; 

- Offering packaging solutions that are sustainable and eco-friendly to our local suppliers; 

- Supporting local initiatives that reduce packaging or offer eco-friendly products.


Who is Atessa?

Montrealer, foodie, eco-friendly, young mom, minimalist, committed to making a difference, fascinated with the beauty of our planet.


What our planet provides us with, we must give back through our actions to protect it.