No Plastic Bag Challenge

No plastic bags challenge

This challenge is really easy and perfect to begin your journey to a plastic free life!

To complete the challenge, you must avoid plastic bags at all costs for 30 days.

You will need to equip yourself with a  3-4 reusable bags, whether mesh, cotton or another material. Make sure to have at least one which fits in your purse or pocket. This prevents you from bending should you go on an impromptu shopping adventure. 


Tips for success:

- Fruits and veggies do not need to go into a plastic bag then in your shopping caddy. You can put them directly into your caddy because you will have to wash them thoroughly no matter if you use a bag or not. The fruits and vegetables you buy in stores have been harvested and moved by stranger hands and many customer like to feel them at the stores. In other words, whether you put them in a plastic bag or not, they are dirty and need to be well cleaned. So avoid the bag!

- Meats and fishes are immediately placed into a plastic bag by the cashier. Refuse the bag. If you are afraid that it might leak, ask the staff to better wrap your purchase or transfer them right into your container at the cash register after the item has been scanned.

- Some stores offer cardboard boxes for bulk vegetables and fruits. This is a nice option to avoid plastic bags.

- If you forget your reusable bag in your car, grab your items in your hands and place them in the bag once you reach the car. If you have to many items to carry in yours arms, then use your shopping basket or trolley to carry them to your car then transfer into reusable bags.


Good luck on your plastic free journey! Bravo for taking this challenge and making a difference for our planet!


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