No Plastic Straw Challenge

No plastic straw challenge

This challenge lasts 30 days and aims to help you avoid plastic straws. 

There are different alternatives to the plastic straw so here are the guidelines to go plastic free:


1-Refuse the straw

To tell you the truth, most of the time, that straw is useless! You can very much enjoy that mojito while sipping it directly from a chilled glass. Ditching the straw is the most ecofriendly behavior towards our planet and reducing plastics. However, if a straw makes your smoothie easier to drink, you can :


2- Choose an inox straw or a bamboo straw

The two options provide a long lasting solution to single use plastic straws. The inox straw will make that cold drink feel heavenly cooler in your mouth. It's so refreshing! The bamboo straw provides an ecofriendly alternative and is thermal resistant- perfect for that hot chocolate!


3- For party and gatherings...

Go for paper straws. They are entirely biodegradable and can be composted easily. They provide a colorful touch to any party while being respectful to the planet!


With this many options to avoid plastic straws, you have to try your best and remember to tell your waiter : No straw! 

To complete the challenge, you must not use any plastic straws during 30 days.